Make Sunsets Monthly: AMOC Amok

Make Sunsets Monthly: AMOC Amok

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 7/31/23. Added to website 8/17/23.]

Cash In Bank: $975,566
Burn: $20,507
Runway: ~32 months

This month, the world got even hotter. This century, the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is likely to collapse. This will cause 1+' of sea level rise in NYC and 10C colder temperatures in London. And lots of other weirding, particularly around severe storms. If now isn't the time for the measure that can "offset most climate change for most people most of the time", then when is?

Sales were $2,852, a slight increase from last month. Ads made the difference with at least $1,060 in sales from Google Adwords. We spent ~$2,250 testing different approaches and last week finally yielded 3 purchases. We'll be running more experiments this month, with the goal of putting $5,000/month into ads to get $10,000 in sales out. Corporate and government efforts are slow, but some traction with an opportunity to offset a large conference's footprint (and present at it). SEO has improved: we're consistently front page for related terms, and should be consistently above-the-fold after a few more weeks + blog posts.

With SEO currently 36th with a company blog post when searching on Google for ‘stratospheric aerosol injection.’ 7th with an article that mentions Make Sunsets, will continue to write more blog posts to become a domain expert on the web to increase SEO rankings to top 15.

We submitted our first federal grant application (to make balloons reusable and auto-deflating, saving us and other ballooners $k of lift gas per launch) and were turned down. On a Sunday night, weirdly. Far from giving up, we'll get another application in this month. And, we designed a 'return home' telemetry carrier that is both (~)legal and likely to work. We'll test-fly it this month, multiple times. 

Most exciting new sale this month: a doctor in Phoenix. The cacti are dying, and she chose us to help Cool Earth.

Slowly Helping Overturn Heating,
Andrew and Luke

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