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We have launched 8 balloons and offset 600+ ton-years of warming

Committed to science, biased towards action.

At Make Sunsets, we believe that we have a responsibility to make bold moves to combat climate change. We're not afraid of controversy or challenges, and are passionate about developing innovative solutions to mitigate the worst effects of global warming. The science and math back us up, but we also recognize that there are unknowns and risks associated with stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). With climate change rapidly transforming our world, it's crucial that we prioritize action over words. We believe the best time to field test and scale SAI is now.

Our services

Research and development of stratospheric aerosol injection technology.

Engineering and design of delivery systems for the injection of reflective particles into the atmosphere.

Implementation of stratospheric aerosol injection on a global scale by selling cooling credits to individuals, organizations, and governments, including management of the logistics and operations of the delivery system.

Monitoring and analysis of the environmental impact of the stratospheric aerosol injection to ensure it is having the intended effect without causing unintended consequences.

Consulting services to help governments and organizations understand the potential risks and benefits of stratospheric aerosol injection as a tool for mitigating climate change.

Our roadmap

Our values


We are self-starters who take initiative. We are not afraid to take on big challenges and pursue ambitious goals, even in the face of adversity.


We value resourcefulness and adaptability in the face of challenges. We are willing to take risks and think creatively to find solutions, even in the absence of clear guidance or established approaches.


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and are transparent and open in our communication with stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

We are always seeking to learn and improve, both as individuals and as an organization, to better serve our mission and our stakeholders.

Environment Stewardship

We are committed to protecting the environment and mitigating the impact of climate change through innovative solutions and calculated risks.

Scientific Excellence

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, relying on rigorous scientific research and analysis to guide our decisions and actions.

Meet the founders of Make Sunsets:

Luke Iseman and Andrew Song

In 2015, they met in San Francisco, CA through their shared passion for hardware companies and helping entrepreneurs go from 0 to 1, while Luke was Director of Hardware at Y Combinator and Andrew was an Outreach Manager at Indiegogo. Luke and Andrew went on to start separate hardware companies backed by Y Combinator, angel investors, and VCs. Between the two of them they’ve helped sell millions of dollars worth of hardware and software at various venture backed startups. Now they have the privilege to build a company that will help future generations combat the worst effects of climate change.

Help us cool Earth

We hope you’ll join our journey by purchasing a cooling credit, signing up for our newsletter, or partnering with us. Let's work together to cool our planet for future generations.
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