Make Sunsets Monthly: Plotting

Make Sunsets Monthly: Plotting

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 2/29/24. Added to website 3/7/24.]

Revenue: $2,574
Burn: $23,444
Cash: $753,951
Runway: ~17 months

Lots of plans hatched this month: grants written, speaking spots booked, and generally scheming to cool the world. Expect less planning and more doing from us in the future.

We generated lift gas, but not enough to fill a balloon for launch (in spite of trying 3 different electrolyzers). We’ve since learned from the folks who experimented with this in the 70s, and we’ll have a much better setup running this month.

4 grant submissions written, to be submitted after review by our partner. So many exciting things we *can* develop, and this will help us prioritize which to focus on first: which ancillary tech can we get paid to build?

Revenue is down 22% from the previous month. Several individual customers introduced us to potential large buyers, but no corporate deals were closed this month. A bright spot: a company purchased Cooling Credits on behalf of a job candidate. If you’re the interviewee, please send us a message so that we can let you know when the Cooling Credits are delivered and personally thank you for thinking of us.

This month, we will: 
Finalize products for upcoming DIY Geoengineering store(!)
Deploy 1,000 cooling credits with lift gas we generate ourselves
Speak at CERA Week and meet with 10 decision makers at companies that want to cool Earth (if you’re in Houston, TX from March 18th - 22nd let’s meet!)
Launch an influencer/creator marketing campaign based on long-format content and get at least 20 sales

Slowly but surely Cooling Earth,
Andrew & Luke

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