Make Sunsets Monthly: Mainstream

Make Sunsets Monthly: Mainstream

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 4/30/24. Added to website 5/16/24.]

Revenue: $7,163
Burn: $22,800
Cash: $816,224
Runway: ~30 months

NPR and ABC aired in-depth pieces focused on Make Sunsets this month; we have made it into the general public discourse.

Tomas' posts led to over 10x more purchases than NPR and ABC combined. Counterintuitive to us at first, but makes sense on closer examination: we're early. New things get popular niche, then sell niche, then get mainstream notice if they're Really Lucky and Somewhat Talented. That is where we are at; with particularly smart and visionary customers, of course;) 

Another unlikely breakthrough will be to become commercially successful with a mainstream audience. This feels like a big leap... except in comparison to what we've already achieved. It's pretty much the path of Beanie Babies, portable hard drives, and every other disruptive innovation.

We achieved our goal of launching more Cooling Credits than ever before: 16,644. The incremental cost to deliver these was ~$5,000, and revenue was ~$18,000. We are profitable per launch. The only thing standing between us and profitably Cooling Earth at scale is increasing sales.

Also, we launched DIY kits. We don't expect this to be a significant revenue driver, but we believe deeply in democratizing access to Cooling Earth. We're not accepting gatekeepers, and we don't expect you to either;)

Andrew spent a bunch of time helping launch DIY and getting media; no enterprise customer closed. Ditto on influencer campaigns, although Andrew has 2 niche media pieces that will hit next month and should produce meaningful sales

This month, we will:
- Attempt 4 flights to get return-to-home working for our telemetry: balloon will pop, and sensors will fly back to us... eventually.
- Write 5 posts: we need to more proactively share our vision and explain how we get there.
- Meet with at least 10 enterprise clients.
- Get at least 2 new companies to purchase Cooling Credits.

Your NPR-Certified Climate Cowboys,
Andrew & Luke

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