Make Sunsets Monthly: Learning

Make Sunsets Monthly: Learning

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 5/31/24. Added to website 6/5/24.]

Revenue: $7,037
Burn: $26,690
Cash: $930,998
Runway: ~34 months

We continue to learn things quickly. Of course, most of them are things that don't work;) This month's included:
-5 posts that didn't go viral. The one most requested:
How We Scale. Let us know anything else you'd like us to cover in future posts.
A dozen Tiktoks that don't take off.
-Another 7 ways not to get an RC airplane to return from the stratosphere. Luke has broken more toy planes than most people have tried to fly...
-That mainstream press coverage helps business leaders understand the necessity of our work. Andrew met with 11 decision makers at companies that spend more on marketing than we need to Cool Earth by 0.1C.
-Corporate executives want better monitoring, reporting, and verification for all of their ESG efforts.

We'll keep learning in June, including:
-5+ further ways to not return an RC plane from the stratosphere (and maybe 1 way that works).
-A new telemetry system. We've tried over a dozen combinations and found several that work well. This one might work great... and will definitely teach us something.
-Onboarding a
new sales hire. We love sales: number go up by x and hire stays, less than y and try someone else:)
-5+ "niche famous" posts about us. We're happy
to write them, or microcelebs can; either way, they're our most effective sales tactic so far.

With our heads in the clouds and learning something new up there,
Andrew & Luke

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