Make Sunsets Monthly: Growing

Make Sunsets Monthly: Growing

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 3/31/24. Added to website 4/7/24.]

Revenue: $12,634
Burn: $15,927
Cash: $738,024
Runway: ~18 months

This was a big month, especially for sales: we broke $12,000! By far our biggest month yet, this was largely due to Tomas Pueyo's posts about solar geoengineering. It's great to see others recognize the necessity of our work, and it's even better when this translates directly into Cooling Credits being purchased.

We performed our largest single launch: 2,350 Cooling Credits. Separately, we did our first launch with self-generated hydrogen: 1kg of buoyancy with an experimental tracker. The tracker failed 11 km up, but we learned we can now generate our own lift gas. Our incremental cost per Cooling Credit deployed is well under $.30. With more sales, we'll hit profitability by end of year.

CERAWeek in Houston was interesting: Andrew met with over 50 prospects. And, he looks downright authoritative during his lecture:

This month, we will:
Deploy more Cooling Credits than ever before
Start selling DIY kits
Close 1 enterprise customer (finally!)
Get at least 20 new sales from influencer marketing

About to launch more than ever before,
Andrew & Luke

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