Make Sunsets Monthly: 1,034 Cars

Make Sunsets Monthly: 1,034 Cars

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 1/31/24. Added to website 2/7/24.]

Revenue: $3,317 ($1,676 MRR)
Burn: $27,367
Cash: $777,395
Runway: ~18 months

This month, we successfully deployed enough cooling to offset the warming from 1,034 cars driving for a year. This caught us up: all orders placed before 1/25 have been fulfilled. At 4,755 Cooling Credits deployed this month, we delivered more this month than we did in the first half of 2023.

Flights were more successful up than down: we crashed our test drone trying to get return-to-home working. We’re not there yet, but we are making progress. Come hell and high water, we will get return-home-from-stratosphere working this year. And we’ll produce some DIY products along the way: here’s our burning release, making jammed servos a thing of the past:

Sales are down 25% from last month. Andrew tested Facebook and Instagram ads but found they did not yield significant results. We’ve stopped all spend here, and we learned that short-form ad formats are currently not an effective tool for conversion.

People who love us *really* love us: our churn over 9 months of offering subscriptions is 2.1%. Tomas Pueyo’s We Can Already Stop Climate Change If We Want To won us some more true believers and led to our highest daily order volume yet.

This month, we will:
Apply for 3 more grants. 
Launch a balloon with lift gas we generate ourselves.
Close one corporate customer.
Generate at least $5,000 in revenue.

Cooler than a thousand cars,
Andrew and Luke

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