Make Sunsets Monthly: Preaching

Make Sunsets Monthly: Preaching

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 9/30/23. Added to website 10/9/23.]

Cash In Bank: $912,132
Burn: $28,959
Runway: ~26 months

Good progress on outreach this month.

We spoke to 200+ people about the urgency of geoengineering. Particularly exciting was talking to students at Manipal University:

We minted ~50 new geoengineers. Here's one of the younger recruits:

Positive media coverage continues. It's great when we're the start and end of the story;)

And, we filed another grant application... this one to help detect other stratospheric explorers.  

On sales, we did $2,046 this month; $1,118 of this was MRR. For Q3 2023, sales are $15,320 vs. $12,483 last quarter. Andrew has been focusing on increasing conversion rate by diving into Google Ads tutorials and landing pages.

We are now "above the fold" when searching on Google for ‘stratospheric aerosol injection’:

This month, we will:
-Run 3 more test flights for return-to-home parachute 
-Develop experiments for an exciting *localized cooling* possibility
-Conduct 20 "website visitor who didn't purchase" interviews
-Use landing pages and optimized Google Ads to bring CAC down to $100

Just 2 of hundreds(!) of geoengineers,
Andrew and Luke

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