Tongue Sunscreen

Tongue Sunscreen

Andrew has compared Cooling Credits to sunscreen, and it's an apt comparison. Both:

  • reflect some light before it can damage valuable things 
  • take little effort / cost 
  • need to be reapplied regularly
  • can be stopped when out of the "heat"

Now, another way: sunscreen is not great if you put it on your tongue. It doesn't work well, and while a little bit isn't a big deal a bunch will probably make you sick. 

Ditto on all fronts with sulfur dioxide, the molecule we use for our Cooling Credits: skin = stratosphere, while tongue = troposphere. We should continue to clean up low-altitude sources of sulfur dioxide emissions; calls to consider reintroducing sulfur to marine fuel are admirable in intent but harmful in reality.

Moving something to the right place makes all the difference between it being sketchy and helpful. So! There is no need to sunscreen your tongue, continue to remove sulfur dioxide from ground-level emissions, and don't forget to wear sunscreen / Cool Earth;)
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