Not Innovating

Not Innovating

As a hardware startup founder who is also a maker, the world is overflowing with possibilities: so many products to make! A big part of my job is to ignore almost all of these opportunities: we will make as little custom hardware as we can. If we're building things we don't need to, we're wasting time. 

"Penny wise" can be "day foolish." We're fairly paranoid about this; we've watched many friends spend millions building things people didn't want and millions more making things they didn't need to. My favorite example:

$120 million raised, $699 per unit, and entirely pointless.

Please help keep us honest on this: if we're using your money to make something new, we should have a good reason for why we can't use something that already exists. We build less custom because we really like building; by making only what we need, we'll stay in business to continue making for many years (and tons of Cooling Credits!) more.



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