Make Sunsets Monthly: Returning

Make Sunsets Monthly: Returning

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 11/30/23. Added to website 12/24/23.]

Revenue: $2,998 ($1,486 MRR)
Burn: $26,379
Cash In Bank: $839,676
Runway: ~19 months

After 20+ crashes, a desperate post to RC Reddit, and hundreds of hours:

This little plane just got dropped from a drone and flew itself back to us. 3 times! If you know someone who wants to fly a fancy sensor payload up to 30km high and get it back, please introduce us. We're literally the only option they have that costs less than $250k and 6 months+ custom development (and we're a lot less).

Here's what localized cooling will look like, but higher in the sky: 

Somewhere between Karl the Fog and a patio mister, we want to test this out at an event: hot, outside, 200+ people. Let us know. Taylor Swift's next tour?

Andrew worked on a new landing page (feedback welcome) and paused on ad spend, instead hiring an agency to help increase conversion rate and reduce CAC. 3 corporate meetings and no conversions.

This month, we will:

  1. Sell at least $5,000 worth of Cooling Credits.
  2. Talk to 10 potential customers about Karl (our future localized cooling product).
  3. Deploy over 3,000 Cooling Credits (orders from last several months).
  4. Get a payload to return to us from a balloon.

It's been a hot year, and it's going to heat up a lot more before we can cool things off at scale. Time to launch *a lot* of balloons:)

To the stratosphere and back,
Andrew and Luke


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