Make Sunsets Monthly: Press

Make Sunsets Monthly: Press

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 12/31/22. Added to website 3/22/23.]

Cash In Bank: $658,849
Burn: $40,539
Runway: 16 months

The decision for when to launch in media was taken out of our hands: MIT Technology Review was going to write about us, with or without our comments. The resultant piece has generated a lot of attention: 17k website visits and 14 (small) orders for cooling credits since it ran. We're not surprised the piece is controversial, and we're excited by the leads + potential collaborators this has generated. 

We met with 6 potential corporate purchasers, and 5 of these leads remain warm. We'll meet with at least a dozen more in January. 

Andrew learned about conversion rates with some LinkedIn ad tests: CTRs based on 5 ad variations ranged from 2.9% to 4.62% with a CPC ranging from $0.63 to $0.76. This month, he'll create unique landing pages for LinkedIn traffic to increase our Marketing Qualified Leads and find our first enterprise customer.

Luke moved our lab (including balloon launch bucket truck) from Oakland to southern Baja. Border was... challenging. Unfortunately, we didn't complete our planned launches. We will get at least 3 cloud-carrying balloons up in January, they'll include telemetry, and we'll try hard to recover at least one. When we do, you'll get video from the stratosphere. Anyone can comment on our proposed launch here; expect some differences of opinion;)

How to help? Consider asking 1 or more of your favorite companies when they intend to reach net zero and how they'll do so. If you get an interesting answer back, please share it (and contact info for whoever provided it) with us.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

-Andrew and Luke : global cooling

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