Make Sunsets Monthly: Paid Deployments

Make Sunsets Monthly: Paid Deployments

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 3/31/23. Added to website 5/19/23.]

Cash In Bank: $568,888
Burn: $14,153
Runway: ~26 months

We are thrilled to have delivered 600 Cooling Credits to customers this month: a launch to 26.6km altitude via a 1500g weather balloon. We have successfully fulfilled outstanding orders for all but 15 customers, 12 of whom are new since 3/15! Telemetry is improved, with more coming soon. And sulfur dioxide is solved: open valve, add SO2. No more cooking sulfur in hotel rooms;)

On sales, Andrew was able to acquire 21 net new customers in March and a handful of repeat customers, producing revenue of $1,053. He experimented with ads on Facebook and Twitter, but no ROI. The website launch is delayed.

This month, we'll:
Deploy all outstanding orders.
Fly our new telemetry 3+ times: temperature, pressure, better satellite/gps, and Lora links coming soon.
Launch our redesigned website.
Create 500+ new geoengineers:
 join us in Dolores Park 4/21 for a happening where you can Cool Earth!

The day after this WSJ piece aired, we received our first boring business inquiry: a small business, not attracted by the controversy, that just wants to offset their diesel engine emissions. This is thrilling in its normalcy. If you know business owners tired of ignoring the climate impact of their ventures, consider introducing us.

Proud to have made the world slightly cooler this month,
Andrew and Luke

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