Make Sunsets Monthly: Live + Outreach

Make Sunsets Monthly: Live + Outreach

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 11/30/22. Added to website 3/22/23.]

Cash In Bank: $696,889
Burn: $32,112
Runway: 22 months

We're live: is the first (and only) place you can buy global cooling! Website is minimal, and we'll build more if/as potential customers push for it.

We spent most of this month learning about our target customers. Andrew spoke with leads from GreenBizVerge and did cold outreach. He found energy, logistics, and manufacturing companies to be the most receptive. Luke spoke with anyone who'd listen at COP27. No island-nation launch partners yet, but some strong leads:) We learned that carbon registries are a necessary evil: multiple companies have offered to purchase Cooling Credits when a major registrar assigns them a carbon equivalence. We'll start the process this month. Unfortunately, this will take ~2 years. In the meantime, we'll explore newer/decentralized alternatives. 

In December, we'll:
Launch balloons: 3+ flights with meaningful quantities of clouds and telemetry. 
Get launch site #1 online and ready for future launches.
Drive traffic to through ads and blogs to understand baseline funnel metrics
Make 200+ cold touches and 5+ meetings with our current target audience

How you can help: introductions, specifically leadership at companies that have net-zero commitments. The demand for quality carbon credits outstrips supply; most companies will miss their net-zero targets unless they purchase our cooling credits. Forward-thinking companies can preorder to lock in pricing (and supply) for up to 5 years in the future. 

Thanks as always for your support, and happy assorted holidays!

-Andrew and Luke : global cooling


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