Make Sunsets Monthly 9,036 Ton-Years

Make Sunsets Monthly 9,036 Ton-Years

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 12/31/23. Added to website 1/7/23.]

Revenue: $4,431 ($1,551 MRR)
Burn: $39,914
Cash: $804,762
Runway: ~18 months

This year, we put up enough Cooling Credits to offset over 9,036 ton-years of carbon dioxide's warming. This is directly because of the support from people like you. It's tempting to sink into Climate Doomism, but you have refused to do so. Thank you. We literally couldn't do this without your support.

We finished 2023 strong: more Cooling Credits sold and deployed than any other month. And more failures, too: we lost radio links on a number of launches, made ineffective parachutes from garbage bags, learned that old latex is substantially less likely to make it to the stratosphere, and had our first balloon-deployed plane fail to release. But, we kept launching and hit 3,440 Cooling Credits confirmed delivered to the stratosphere. These included our highest altitude and biggest payload launches: we deployed 1,645 Cooling Credits at over 49km altitude.

Sales were solid, too: Andrew brought in $4,431 while also introducing merch and speaking with four potential Karl customers. Coachella anyone?

This month, we will:
Break $6,000 of sales.
Run Facebook and Instagram ads that get 10 conversions.
Deploy at least 4,000 Cooling Credits.
Get a plane payload to return from the stratosphere.

This is going to be a big year for us. We'll hit profitability and deploy over 100,000 Cooling Credits, which should make us a larger source of cooling in 2024 than any of the carbon dioxide removal companies. With your help, we will Cool Earth much more next year and for a couple centuries to come!

Not tropopausing any time soon,
Andrew and Luke

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