Make Sunsets Monthly: 207 New Geoengineers

Make Sunsets Monthly: 207 New Geoengineers

[We originally sent the following to our mailing list subscribers 4/30/23. Added to website 5/19/23.]

Cash In Bank: $551,972
Burn: $16,934
Runway: ~30 months

We created 207 new geoengineers this month during SF Climate Week. Here are some of them.

These launches were fun and educational, but the biodegradable balloons do contain calcium carbonate: they have a slight cooling effect upon popping. 

A much larger impact came from our launches in Berkeley and Half Moon Bay: we put 2,100 grams of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere this month, fulfilling all outstanding orders and then some. On telemetry, we're dialed in: our new GPS + data link configuration allows us to track ascent and descent throughout the flight. Our most recent: on Earth Day, we deployed 120 Cooling Credits to 29,600m, over 9km above our height target. This single balloon created cooling roughly equivalent to the carbon impact of 19,000 mature trees for a year. 

CBS joined us for our Berkeley launch; the resultant piece shows how much our "crazy idea" has normalized over the last 6 months.

On sales, true believers continue to slowly find us. Fulfilling (and charging for) backorders made April our highest-revenue month so far ($2,840). We've yet to crack the code into government or corporate, but we will. Unfortunately, the climate continues to make a stronger argument for drastic action than we ever could.

This month, we'll:
Switch from duct taped (literally) to v1 telemetry, flying 3 times with full altitude logging.
Capture video of actual balloon burst with Cooling Credits being deployed.
Double sales.
Finally launch our new website that is currently 
under construction.

How can you help? We want to speak with the best person you know at selling to government buyers. Bonus points if they've sold "controversial" technology;)

From well into the stratosphere,
Andrew and Luke

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