January 2023 Flights

January 2023 Flights

We plan to fly at least 3 balloons in January 2023. Here's some details. Anyone can comment here, and we'll consider input before finalizing launch plans!

Southern Baja, Mexico. We'll plan exact location based on weather conditions, utilizing SondeHub Predictor to decide exactly where and when. Target will be near a road but away from any population center.

These flights will be latex weather balloons rated at 1200g. 

Lift Gas:
These flights will utilize helium.

We will utilize sulfur dioxide generated by burning sulfur in the presence of oxygen. Each launch will include between 10g and 500g of clouds (target 100g+).

Target altitude:
We will use a balloon performance calculator to inflate such that we're likely to achieve a burst altitude of ~33km. 

Flight Body: 
We're running this body, and we'll likely add pool noodles for floatation (in case of a water landing).

We're including this flight computer as well as a Spot tracker. Note that the Spot tracker cuts out at 18km and the flight computer isn't transmitting data, so we'll only get full detail if we recover the balloon. Additionally, we'll be flying a camera. 

Within a week of each flight, we will publish all data obtained on our website.

Next Round (after January flights), priorities to add include:
- Swarm for data transmission during flight 
-waterproof + buoyant flight body
-separate "cloud" chamber that vents at target altitude
-partial balloon venting at target altitude
-lighter camera and/or flights without
-switch to hydrogen (if we can safely flare at altitude or otherwise deal with GHG implications)

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I am curious to know what kind of safety testing you have done for your product and what EPA permitting or permissions from Mexico or the USA are in place for you to be releasing particles into our stratosphere? I would think that this would be something that would have some conversation from the public and environmental groups as to the impact that it will have on our oceans, our skys, our soil and if there will be any effects as far as creating acid rain. You provide no scientific data or studies showing a positive outcome to show that your product is safe for humanity.

Lisa N

You should release Ozone instead of SO2. It’s far more productive.

Tim S

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