We make reflective, high-altitude, biodegradable clouds that cool the planet. Mimicking natural processes, our "shiny clouds" can prevent catastrophic global warming. 

Specifically: we release a natural compound via reusable balloons to create reflective clouds in the stratosphere. They're *really* effective: 1 gram of our clouds offsets the warming that 1 ton of CO emissions creates for a year. After ~2 years, our clouds compost and settle back to Earth.  

Because we will deliver our clouds via reusable balloons, we'll be able to offset warming at <1% of the cost of other solutions. Uniquely, we can also scale to offset *all* of global warming.

We can offset warming from all new global annual CO emissions with ~$30 million of our clouds per year, and every $1 billion of our clouds will cool the world by ~0.1°F!

Sounds like sci-fi? It’s not: we’ve already launched our first clouds, and we’ll offset a substantial amount of warming in 2023!

Company Information

Founded in October 2022, Make Sunsets is backed by Boost VC, Pioneer Fund, and other friends.